About Us

Founded in 2018 and with offices in New York & Toronto, Reklaim is a company driven by the evolution of data and privacy. Reklaim aims to democratize data for consumers by providing them with an ecosystem where they can view, edit, opt-out, and be compensated for the use of their data. Today there is no destination for consumers to participate in the use of their data. Reklaim aspires to be the destination that consumers visit to reclaim control of their online data.

Available on the web and in both the iOS and Google Play stores, Reklaim allows consumers to opt-in to share specific pieces of data with brands, agencies, and companies in exchange for compensation from the use of their personal data.

All Reklaim data is 1st party, global, and privacy compliant (CCPA).

of Americans are concerned with how
social platforms and a advertisers use
their personal data


Reklaim for Consumers:

• Option to control the data they want and profit off the rest
• Passive income in the form of Device Rewards (Location, Profile, Shopping Rewards) paid into Reklaim accounts
• Active income from completing surveys and polls

Reklaim for Companies:

• CCPA compliant
• 1,000+ Fair-TradeTM Audience Segments
• Ubiquitous distribution to all major DSP’s and DMP’s
• Link to Reklaim’s paywall to pay consumers for their data
• Create Fair-TradeTM data segments from opted in user base

Investment Highlights

• First-mover solution addressing significant unmet consumer needs in the multi-trillion-dollar data market
• Positioned to be the defining consumer brand of data that is absent in the market today
• Doubled account additions in Q1-2021; Reklaim now has an account on every American over 16+
• Reduced CPA to less than a penny per user (down from more than $2 per user in Q2-2020)
• Long-term recurring contracts that are growing in value & number
• Ongoing product enhancements provide near-term catalysts; rewards, Consent-as-a-Service (CaaS), Reklaim Crypto , Reklaim Banking & international expansion
• Highly experienced management team, board and advisors
• CEO personally invested $9M (shares in escrow)

Reklaim’s goal is to democratize data for consumers and place this transparency, control, and compensation, in their hands. Reklaim aspires to become the defining consumer brand of data that is absent in the market today in the same way Uber redefined transportation, and Robinhood is attempting to democratize trading.